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Google Translate: Your Passport to the World

With tons of languages and exclusive features, Google Translate makes it easier than ever before to communicate with virtually anyone

It is no longer uncommon to have roommates from India, or coworkers from Spain. As the world becomes more interconnected, the need for multilingual communication becomes more prevalent. Fortunately, the Google Translate Android app gives you the ability to overcome language barriers, and puts it in the palm of your hand. Here are just a few of Google Translate’s top features:

Translation Between 103 Languages

By opening the Google Translate app with WiFi, you gain the ability to translate between 103 languages. Don’t have a connection? Fear not! You can still translate up to 52 languages without any Internet access. You can also save translations, in any language, to your “phrasebook,” and refer back to it whenever you need. You can even translate a language you don’t recognize by using the “detect language” option. No matter where you are, or who you need to converse with, Google Translate has got you covered!

Camera Translation

Typing to translate is great, but what if you need to translate something that you see on a sign, or in a magazine? Instead of typing the phrase, Google Translate’s “Instant Camera Translation” feature lets you translate the text by simply pointing your camera at it. Like magic before your eyes, Google Translate will convert the text into your desired language within seconds. If you aren’t in a time crunch, and are looking to translate more complex text, use the camera mode to snap a picture of the text, and let Google Translate do the rest!

Conversation Mode

Imagine you’re in a foreign country, and need to ask someone for directions. With Google Translate’s conversation mode, you can do so without typing a thing. Simply select the desired languages, and begin speaking. After each person speaks, you’ll hear the translation in the other language. Check out this video to see it in action.

Tap to translate

If you need a translation to reply to a message in WhatsApp, it’s a bit burdensome to copy the text, close WhatsApp, open Google Translate, paste the text, translate it, and then reverse the whole process to reply. Fortunately, the new “Tap to Translate” feature dramatically shortens this process. Now, when you copy text in any app, a Google Translate icon will pop up inside the app you’re using, and provide an instant translation of the copied text. The pop up also enables you to type, and translate, so you can interpret, and reply to the message without ever switching apps!

Is jy gereed om te vertaal?

Want to know what that says? You’ll just have to download Google Translate to find out! Also be sure to download PSafe TOTAL, so you can keep your Android fast, safe, and full of storage space, as you translate the world.