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Great Android Tools for Professional Freelancers

Professional freelancing is becoming increasingly commonplace as an occupation. To help stay organized and on top of all your work, check out these apps.

Freelancing and working from home are becoming increasingly commonplace. A freelancer has a lot of flexibility, but also is fully responsible for completing their tasks in a timely and effective manner.

Organizing and completing freelancer tasks can be made easier with the help of some Android apps, which are ideal for the freelancer since they often have their phone on them at all times regardless, for potential communication and time tracking.

Some great Android tools for freelancers include:

Tasks: An Astrid Clone

Tasks is an Android app that’s very similar to the beloved Astrid app, but better. Tasks allows you to create location-based reminders, tag-based customization, dynamic lists using custom filters and Google Task synchronization. Simply create a task, select its priority, due date and set how many reminders you’d like to receive. The customization and color-coded effectiveness of Tasks makes it the go-to Android app for task management.

Timr for Time Tracking

Freelancers often have a lot on their plates, to the point where it can be difficult to budget time properly. Timr is an easy-to-use app with online and offline support, where you can use work or project time tracking. Work time tracking is useful for freelancers with staff at their disposal, as it can track work time, absences, vacation time and breaks. Project time tracking is ideal for the independent freelancer, with the ability to show time remaining for a specific task as well as GPS position tracking, which helps if you’re alternating between various sites for your work.

Dropbox for FIle Storage

Sending and receiving files is a very common occurrence for freelancers and telecommuters, so it makes sense to use a secure cloud-based storage platform like Dropbox, accessible from any platform or device. The Dropbox Android app is especially useful, allowing you to edit Microsoft office files from your tablet or phone, backup photos and video automatically and send large files without using attachments in email. For storing and sharing documents, videos, photos and other files, Dropbox is the trusted source on Android among many freelancers.

PSafe Total for Security

Perhaps the most important thing for a freelancer is to ensure their files and information are secure; otherwise, they could have months or even years of lucrative work lost or sabotaged. To avoid a catastrophe like this, freelancers should prioritize using PSafe Total on Android, which provides comprehensive security as you browse, share files and chat. The app’s AV-Test was graded as one of the leading algorithms in the world among antivirus products. Plus, its ability to speed up your mobile device by removing unnecessary data and audio files is an extra benefit to any freelancer.

With Android tools that help with task and time management, secure data storage and comprehensive security, freelancers can focus on their work without worry.