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clearing facebook search history on Android

Your Guide To Clearing Facebook Search History on Android

Clearing your computer's search history is easy, and you can accomplish the same task with your Facebook search history as well.

Facebook can track your progress just like every other search engine, but you can cover your tracks just as easily. The process of deleting your searches is not as straightforward as Google or Yahoo, but it only takes a few clicks to erase past searches. Although Facebook searches are generally harmless, there’s an understandable need to protect your privacy in every area of this social network. If you’re already signed into Facebook on your Android device, you’re halfway there!

Deleting History from an Android Mobile Phone

If you aren’t already logged in, enter your email and password to log into the Facebook app, or use another search engine app. From there you will access the main menu. Tap the magnifying glass in the search bar, which will take you to your recent searches. Once there, click “Edit” in the top right corner, which transfers you to your Activity Log.

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Your Activity Log allows you to do two things, in addition to showing you your history. You can filter your searches based on a number of factors, such as posts you’re tagged, photos, videos, and other widgets on your profile, but you can delete everything as well. Click “Clear Searches” to delete everything, and “Confirm” when Facebook asks you to do so.

Deleting History From a Browser

Log in to Facebook. On your personal profile there is an option to view your activity log in the top right corner of your screen. Click that, and you will see a drop down menu labeled “Filters” on the left. Underneath where it says “Comments,” click “More” and find the tab that reads “Search.” From there, you can click to clear your searches on the top right of the screen, in the same manner as the mobile browser method.

These methods are universal; you can delete your history on any desktop or tablet in the same fashion. Your search history is only available to you, and you can protect it further with PSafe Total. The anti-theft feature will keep track of your data and can block, locate, and erase it in case of a threat. You can also lock Facebook away from incriminating forces in the Vault, which will require an additional password for later retrieval.