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Hackers Now Target Your Credit Card at Local Retailers

And you thought buying online wasn’t safe; think again. Your local store is also at risk.

It’s well known that safe steps should be followed when shopping online. Entering your credit card details onto a random website is a scenario most people tend to avoid. However, what if cybercriminals took it further, by hacking your local coffee shop or grocery store? Sounds odd and impossible, yet the sad news is Hackers are now targeting payment systems that businesses use to accept your credit card.

Before you lay down plastic to pay for a matcha latte or a magazine, here’s how to stay secure when using a system you have no control over.

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Go Back to Old-School Green Paper
We all love to use credit cards because they’re more straightforward than carrying around a wad of cash, but the truth is paper money and coins remain the most secure way to pay for goods. With cash, it doesn’t matter if a payment system is compromised. Having some greenbacks stuffed into your wallet can help guard against unknown situations. Especially when dealing with a new store or traveling overseas. Cash is not hackable.

Keep Your Online Baking Safe Too
With all this talk of the physical world, remember that you’ll always start with the online world first. It’s critical to ensure your online banking is just as safe as your offline activities. Make sure you bank with trusted sites, who take security seriously. Always use a secure password that involves random numbers, letters, and symbols – avoid full words and other easily guessed information. And don’t forget to enable two-factor authentication if your bank offers the ability. Two-factor authentication is another deterrent against hacks.

Reloadable Card For Purchases
Using your debit or credit card when making a purchase can put your accounts at risk for a cyber attack, so consider one of those nifty reloadable prepaid debit cards. If something happens where your prepaid debit card is stolen or your information is compromised, the loss is less of a blow. You may lose the money on your prepaid card, but overall, your primary banking accounts and credit cards are safe. A win-win situation!

Start a Relationship With Your Bank
We live in a connected world, so take advantage of the features that your bank offers. Almost all banks provide the ability to set up alerts, so you’re notified of any strange activity like substantial withdrawals being made or unusually high purchases. If you want to get even more cozy, considering receiving an alert from your bank whenever your card is used to monitor account activity in real-time.