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What Happens After You Download a Bot-Infected App?

Often, the biggest challenge isn't getting a virus or malware off of your Android — it's recognizing the signs that your phone has been infected.

Many cell phone users accidentally download bot-infected apps, then fail to notice the tell-tale signs for months. But it’s impossible to blame them! Hackers and spammers are now designing bots that are sneakier, smarter, and less detectable than ever before. So, as an Android user, you have to be very alert to the signs of a bot infection. The good news is that most viruses and malware can be spotted, as long as you have the right tools and know what to look for. If you’re concerned that your Android may be infected with malicious bots, try running Full Virus Scan first:

The Full Virus Scan feature will scan your entire phone, including every app located on both its memory and SD card. It’s a great tool for catching malicious threats, before they begin to wreak havoc! Besides using the Full Virus Scan, below is list of other ways to tell that your device is harbouring bots.

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Signs Your Android is Infected by Bots

  • Your phone starts to noticeably slow down. If an Android’s speed drops down to a snail’s crawl, that’s a red flag. Viruses or malware running in the background can seriously hamper speed and usability.
  • The battery isn’t working at its previous capacity. Viruses can drain a lot of battery power. After all, they’re working overtime to interfere with your phone. So, if normal phone usage seems to be quickly depleting the battery, you could have an infected Android in your hands.
  • Phantom messages and notifications are occurring. This sign is less common, but it does sometimes occur. Infected Androids have been known to send phantom messages, or be afflicted by ghostly notifications, which lead nowhere when you press on them. If your phone is texting contacts without your knowledge, then it’s probably safe to say there’s a malicious bot at work.
  • New apps are installed that you don’t recognize. Occasionally, a bot-infected app brings friends to the party! If unknown apps start popping up that you didn’t download, that’s a very bad sign — it’s time to run a virus sweep.
  • Your data usage goes through the roof. If your Android’s data is burning up, a virus could be the culprit. These malicious threats tend to attack their targets over Internet channels, which can use up lots of megabits everyday. To check data levels, simply go into “Settings” and see what’s happening, or else check your latest cell phone bill online.