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How to Help Your Parents with Their Lagging Android Phones

If your parents aren’t tech-savvy, they may need some help optimizing their devices. Find out how you can help them improve their phones.

Not that long ago, few people owned cell phones. They were mainly reserved for the wealthier class. Now, everyone seems to have a cell phone — or more accurately, a smartphone that functions similarly to a PC or laptop. For those that didn’t grow up using this technology, learning how to use it may be difficult or frustrating — especially when it changes so rapidly every year. Luckily, your parents have someone like you to help them with their smartphone issues, such as problems with lagging or crashing.

Prevent Their Devices from Overheating

Just because smartphones today are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks that used to be reserved for computers, doesn’t mean that these tasks can all be performed at once. If your parents have a lot of applications running at the same time, this can cause their devices to overheat. In order to return their devices to an optimal temperature, they’ll need to utilize DFNDR’s CPU Cooler. This feature is easy to use and works instantly. The CPU Cooler will cool their devices by closing background applications, all at the touch of a button. Click here to launch the CPU Cooler:

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Optimize Their Smartphones

Emphasize the importance of closing applications that aren’t being used in order to prevent their devices from overheating. Many of their apps are probably connected to the Internet, which means that they’re constantly updating throughout the day. Do they really need their apps to be behaving this way? Probably not. Overloading a phone with tasks to perform can lead to overheating, which can damage the batteries. This will then cause their smartphone to last for a shorter length of time.

Use DFNDR’s Memory Booster feature to manage apps that are running in the background of their phones. This feature will identify and close these apps in order to free up memory and speed up their devices. When activated, their phones will no longer experience lagging or crashing. Click here to speed up their devices:

Memory Boost
All of these reasons show why DFNDR is a great app for your parents to have on their smartphones, because it offers a variety of tools for them to help manage and optimize their devices. They won’t have to worry about how to close certain apps, or why their phone is functioning poorly. All they have to do is launch DFNDR and click a button — it’s that simple.