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Here’s How You Can Avoid Car Computer Hacking

Driving safely means more than exercising caution on the road. Keeping the computing system safe can be just as important for drivers.

Mobile devices are easier to secure these days, but a car is a different story. Maintaining security for every piece of tech in you own is of the utmost importance, and that can extend to a vehicle all the same. For smartphone-controlled functions, running the Security Scan feature can ensure both heightened safety and peace of mind for a motorized vehicle. Click below to quickly run a Security Scan on your Android device now to check for any malware or security threats:

The Security Scan will help to ensure that none of your car-related smartphone apps are infected with malware. Many car apps can now be used as a remote control — they can unlock or locate your car instantly. If a hacker can infect car apps with malware, then the hacker can gain control of your car. You should regularly scan your device for malware to not only protect your personal information from hackers, but the security of your car, too.

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Car computer hacking sounds like a futuristic problem to have, but it has been addressed as a legitimate, current problem for drivers all over. Luckily, there are further measures that can be taken to prevent any imminent threats to a smart vehicle with a computer. The following are a few steps to avoid car hacking.

Choose a Reasonable Car

If you are in the market for a car with a computer, picking one that has current means of security should be a priority. Do research to find insurance for not only the car, but for the computing system that comes with it. If a computer is being installed in an older model, buying a new system and having it installed by a dealership or certified service will provide a better experience for the computer’s use.

Limit Access to the Car

This means more than just sharing passwords. Allowing outsiders physical access to a vehicle can result in easier tampering, even if someone is deemed trustworthy. Avoid giving anyone (except trusted professionals) access to your vehicle, and screen their credentials and qualifications beforehand. This can extend to tech experts, car repair experts, and associated workers.

Look Into Hardware As Well

Consider the keys used for a computerized car. Those are essential factors to be safeguarded, and investing in a physical key to unlock the doors is a viable option for added safety. A keyless entry system is a prime choice for break-ins, computer or not, and having that backup key option will safeguard against many avoidable situations. Consider investing in a steering wheel lock as well; even if something were to happen to the computer, the car would remain immobile and easier to investigate.