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Here’s How You Can Make Video Calls on Kik

Kik is huge with American teenagers. Now that the app has added video-calls, that number is sure to rise. See the Kik app's latest features.

Kik claims that 40% of teenagers in the United States are using its chat app. With the release of its new group video-calling feature in December 2016, that number is sure to rise. So, how can you get in on the fun? Easy: read on to learn how to make video calls with Kik.

With WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also releasing video-calling over the past year, this appears to be a smart move for Kik. If you’re using Kik for the first time, make sure to keep all of your app’s data safe from intruders. Ensure that your device is protected now:

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What is the Kik App?

At first glance, it looks as though the Kik app is another chat messaging app. It’s appearing everywhere. Even Instagram users are posting their names to their account underneath their profile. But there’s more to it than meets the eye.

How Kik Works

With Kik, you can chat one-on-one with a friend, or you can participate in group chats. WhatsApp uses your phone number to create your WhatsApp account and to help you connect with your friends. Kik, however, lets its users create a free account using an email and password.

To find your friends, you may enter his or her username, you can scan a Kik code, or you can input contacts from your address book by entering in your pal’s phone number.

After that, you can send or receive unlimited messages to anyone, anywhere. You do need Wi-Fi access, or use of your data plan resources to send and receive messages. However, it’s much faster to use than email and feels like the text messaging that you are used to, with its large range of GIFs, stickers, and emoji.

How to Make Video Calls on Kik

Video-chatting was the top requested feature of the Kik app. You can make a call that is no bigger than a profile icon, so you can video chat with your friends while still including the occasional GIF.

When you are typing out a message to your friend, look for the small “+” sign to the side of the box. After you press this, and you’ve given Kik access to your camera, you will be able to view your own photos and videos. Next, choose one of your videos. Tap it and add it to your message. If you would prefer to send a note with your video or image, you can do that too. Go ahead and press the “send” button or click the speech bubble button like usual to send out your new content.