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Here’s Why Your Phone’s Battery Life Sucks

If your phone’s battery is drained after only a few hours, then odds are, you’re doing something wrong. Find out how to better manage your battery life.

If you just bought a new phone, then your phone’s battery should still be in great shape. It’s rare to buy a new device with a bad battery. Before you return your device or contact customer service about a sputtering battery life, try one of the following methods for improving your device’s battery life.

Use PowerPro to Manage Your Apps

A new (or newer) smartphone can be exciting: there are plenty of great features that you can enjoy using. With so many great features, you might use your phone more now than before. If you download a lot of apps on your device, that may be the reason your battery life is poor. Use PowerPro to manage your apps, and quickly identify and disable any apps — even pre-installed ones — that are causing your phone’s battery to drain. PowerPro will also suggest solutions to further improve your phone’s battery life. Click here to disable battery-hogging apps:

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Although it may be tempting to continuously use your smartphone for a variety of tasks — such as watching videos, using social networks, playing games, and writing documents — this practice can quickly drain your phone’s battery. This is also a dangerous practice because overloading your phone with tasks can cause your phone to overheat. Overheating can quickly damage your phone’s battery and shorten its lifespan. That’s why it’s important to limit your phone usage and to disable battery-hogging apps when you’re not using them.

Protect Your Battery with Total Charge

Additionally, leaving your phone plugged in after it’s reached a full charge can cause your phone to overheat. In order to prevent this, use DFNDR’s Total Charge feature to monitor your phone’s charging process and alert you when you phone is fully charged. This will help to protect your phone’s battery and extend its life. Click here to protect your phone’s battery and prevent your phone from overcharging:

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Other Reasons for a Poor Battery Life

If you use your phone to stream music or make phone calls through your Bluetooth-enabled car, then your phone’s battery life will be affected. This will also affect your phone’s data usage, too. If you can, download your favorite songs to your smartphone in order to save your battery life and data. If you have to make phone calls while driving, consider charging your phone — as long as Total Charge is activated — to ensure that your device doesn’t die mid-conversation.