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Here’s Why Your Smartphone Might Be Crashing

When you free up your phone’s memory, the rest will follow. Here are a few tips and tricks to getting the most space on your mobile device.

It’s happened to all of us: sometimes our phones run slower than usual, apps take forever to open, or a wrinkle in the initial function leaves us unable to store precious data. Before looking into a new phone, try some simple methods of cleaning up your phone’s act and shutting down apps that are still operating in the background.

For an easy way to accomplish all of the following actions, simply activate Memory Booster and never let your phone crash again. It will evaluate what’s taking up the most space and memory on your device. It will then allow you to close anything not in use, which will free up space and prevent future crashes. Click here to boost your phone’s memory:

Memory Boost

Transfer Your Files

Some people have a hundred apps, others have thousands of pictures, and some even have a myriad of tabs open on search engine applications. If another device is available, move those memories off your mobile device to a different location. A USB drive will also suffice for larger files and personal information that needs to be stored.

There are also other avenues of app usage. Take to any larger device for Skype, Facetime, or any other video chat service. If games are your thing, try using a website on a computer or tablet to get a gaming fix. Your data will thank you.

Close Your Apps

One common factor to forget about are all the apps left open on a mobile device. Even if the phone has few apps to begin with, features such as cameras and anything that uses the Internet will drain both memory and battery life when they remain open. Click on the button above to enable Memory Booster, which will close out all apps running in the background.