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Here’s What a Thief Can Do with Access to Your Facebook

An identity thief can do horrendous things to your social networking accounts. Learn how you can protect yourself from these malicious attacks.

Unfortunately, it has gotten a lot easier for a hacker to steal your personal information, especially by accessing your social networking accounts like Facebook. Don’t let the fear of hackers keep you from engaging on social media, though. It is imperative to take the necessary preventative steps to help keep your account as safe as possible. If you are looking for additional security to protect your social networking accounts, use DFNDR’s App Lock feature.

This feature is an unbeatable app-lock to protect your privacy. You can lock your Facebook, texts, contacts, images, and all other sensitive apps with a second password, even if the device itself is unlocked. You can also select which apps you want to protect. This is the panacea that will help alleviate any worries you have about getting your identity stolen. Click here to provide additional security to your apps with a second password:

Identity Theft in the Age of Technology

Identity theft is not a new concept. The first reports of identity theft date back to the biblical days, when Jacob posed as his brother Esau, so he could be the recipient of his father’s estate. However, the methods of identity theft have drastically changed throughout time, especially in terms of technology and social media.

Facebook identity theft can be a nightmare for the victim of such attacks. These hacks occur for a variety of reasons. For instance, sometimes people get their identity stolen and immediately get their bank accounts drained. Other people have their identity stolen so that people can find dates on online dating websites such as Tinder.

People oftentimes get tricked into giving their identity away. For instance, sometimes people will get emails from accounts masquerading as Facebook, and they get fooled into giving their login credentials to the wrong person. Banking sites and social networking sites will never ask you to enter your login information via email, so it’s important to be aware of this scam so you can protect your accounts.

DFNDR’s Protective Features

There’s no need to browse endlessly throughout the Google Play store trying to find dozens of apps to help protect your phone. DFNDR contains a conglomerate of functions that help keep your phone as safe and efficient as possible. In addition to using the App Lock feature, there are a lot of other functions that help make DFNDR one of the top anti-virus apps on the market. For instance, Advanced Protection is a function within DFNDR that allows DFNDR to protect your device from third-party uninstalls in case of loss or theft. This maximizes the privacy of your photos, messages, personal data, and all other sensitive information. Additionally, DFNDR’s Anti-theft feature allows you to block or erase all of your sensitive data in the event that your phone is physically stolen, stopping thieves in their tracks.