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Here’s How to Unlock Your Android from SMS

If you want to set a password for your phone but are worried about locking yourself out, you can unlock your phone with a backup text with SMS bypass.

You might want to create a password, PIN, or pattern lock (a lock code in which you have to swipe through several buttons for your phone to unlock) to keep your phone protected. But, like anything, it can sometimes be difficult to remember the password you’ve created. If you’re worried about your phone staying locked if you forget your password, don’t be. You can use a text message-based unlocking method to retrieve your phone. Here, we’ll talk about how to use SMS Bypass — an app that lets you unlock your phone with a text message from a friend’s phone.

Rooting Your Android
Before you can use the SMS Bypass app, you need to root your phone. Rooting means you can run certain commands and give enhanced privileges to run certain apps on your phone. To root your phone, you can install the Superuser app or flash a custom ROM (a technique that is beyond the depth of many Android users).

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Unlocking with the SMS Bypass app
To use this retrieval method, you need to have the Android 4.0 system or above.
1. To start, download the SMS Bypass app onto your Android. The app costs a little more than $2 US dollars.
2. Once the app has downloaded, open it. You need to give the app permission to be a permanent Superuser — or root access to your phone.
3. Set your secret code on the app. The set code in SMS Bypass is 1234, but you can change the code to something that you can remember more easily.
4. Enable the remote password on the setting tab in the SMS Bypass app.
6. Now you’ll be able to bypass login to your phone by using the code. To access your locked phone, you need to find another phone to use. From that phone, send the secret code in the following format: “1234 reset.” (Or, if you’ve changed the code on the SMS Bypass app, whichever numbers you’ve chosen followed by the word “reset”).

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