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The Hidden Risks of Some Popular Android Apps

Some of the most popular apps in the Play store can be risky to use, often due to security or privacy concerns. Find out which apps you should watch out for.

There are malicious threats lurking all over the Internet. You not only have to be cautious of the apps you choose to download from the Play store, but also of how you choose to interact with the apps you download. Whether you’re browsing the Internet or checking out a new app, you should always be cautious of the links you click or the information that you share. But there are other ways you can improve your safety online, too. Click here to use Anti-Hacking to protect your information and keep your device secure:

The Anti-Hacking feature is a great tool to take advantage of if you want to have a safer online experience. Anti-Hacking automatically blocks malicious websites and phishing attempts so that you never stumble upon a risky situation. Still, there are some hidden risks you should be aware of when downloading a new app or using a popular social networking app. Continue reading to find out how you can steer clear of the risks these apps pose.

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Popular Apps Can be Infected with Hidden Malware

Some apps in the Play store can become infected with malware without the developer knowing, as was the case with the 130 Android apps that were accidentally infected with malicious coding during development. It’s also possible for malware to be secretly added to an app’s software update. By the time this type of hidden malware is discovered, it’s often too late — many users have already been infected. To protect yourself against similar scenarios, be sure to run a Security Scan on your device after downloading a new app to quickly check your device for hidden threats:

Intentionally malicious apps are far more common, though. However, they might not have the normal signs — such as few reviews, odd language, and odd design — of a potentially dangerous app. They may even be complex in design and hugely popular, as was the case with the more recent “Judy” malware infection. In that case, more than 50 apps on the Play store were infected, including the popular “Judy” game series, which resulted in more than 36 million people being at risk for the hidden malware.

Hidden Risks of Social Media Apps

Social networking apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can have a lot of hidden risks. Social media apps are a popular place for malicious bots and hackers alike. While many Internet users may be more cautious of unknown links in emails or on web pages, they might be more trusting of links posted on social media — even if from an unknown source. You should also be wary of what information you post on social media; you never know who might be watching you.