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These Are the Hottest New Gaming Apps

Need a new Android game to play while you're relaxing by the pool or sitting shotgun on a roadtrip? Check out this lineup for Summer 2017.

Summer is an amazing time to be a gaming enthusiast. Just like in Hollywood, there’s a plethora of fantastic, brand-new games that launch each season. So, check out the below list of the most sizzling offerings in the Google Play store. They’re ideal for both newbie and expert gamers, and offer great graphics, entertainment value, and everything you could possibly want in your Android games. After you download one of these games from the Google Play store, take a second to make sure that Game Booster is enabled. Click here to enter your phone’s gaming mode:


The Game Booster feature was designed to increase gaming performance on your Android, by freeing up RAM space and optimizing your phone’s performance levels. With Game Booster, you’ll experience faster and better gameplay. It’s the perfect way to experience the best games launching this summer.

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Angry Birds Evolution
The Angry Birds Franchise is back with another hit. Rovio’s newest launch, Angry Birds Evolution is much edgier than its predecessors. Instead of adorable cartoon heroes, the birds are meaner, tougher, and ready to rumble, as they chase the villainous pigs off of Pig Island. The game features console-quality graphics, which is a first for Angry Birds, and its vibe is distinctly adult-only.

Slayaway Camp
For gamers with a love of VHS-era horror flicks, Slayaway Camp could be your perfect July discovery. Also, unlike many gaming apps, you get to play the bad guy. As Skullface, the cutest killer ever, you will wreak havoc on a summer camp as you try to solve a complex, isometric puzzle. It’s a lot of gruesome fun! Keep in mind, this game is definitely not suitable for kids.

Galaxy On Fire 3: Manticore
Galaxy on Fire is a popular sci-fi franchise, which allows you to captain a futuristic spaceship and do battles with friends in alternate universes. The third installment of the Galaxy on Fire series was finally released in late May. Since then, the game received consistently positive reviews. In Galaxy On Fire 3, the controls have been streamlined for Android, allowing for more cell phone-friendly playing, but the game’s vibrant graphics are still as ethereal as ever.

Battle Bay
If you’re looking for a new MOBA game for this summer, Rovio’s Battle Bay is for you. Battle Bay’s domain is the sea, where you’ll choose a ship to captain, load it with firearms, and start sailing into dangerous waters. This real-time, multi-player app allows you to build teams of 5 players — and get ready to do battle with an opposing team!