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How Antivirus Works on Windows Vs. Android

Wondering what the difference is between antivirus protection on your Windows devices versus mobile devices running on Android? Find out now.

If you have devices that run on both Android and Windows, you may be thinking that there isn’t much of a difference in how antivirus software works on each device. However, their operating systems are very different: one is primarily tasked with protecting desktop users, while the other is aimed at mobile devices. If you have an Android and want to ensure that it is free of malware, use dfndr’s security scan feature to quickly scan your SD card and device to remove any threats.

Now that you have a big tip on how to take care of your security, check out how antivirus software works between Windows and Android devices.   

Windows Vs. Android
Windows systems often have dedicated software to help control and ensure that the system runs safely. Since the technology for Windows predates phones by several decades — which is an eternity when it comes to phones — a lot of security experts have had time to work out the kinks and specialize their antivirus programs so they can best protect the desktop users and clientele they serve.

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However, smartphones and the Android OS are a totally different story. Since the operating system was only released nine years ago, the availability of applications (and antivirus protection) is relatively new. It also faces unique challenges that many desktop programs don’t have to deal with, such as connections to multiple Internet connections, security over mobile networks, and the increased sharing that often occurs on mobile devices by nature of them being phones first. So, mobile antivirus programs face unique challenges that must protect their users on the go.

While both programs need security scans, this is even more true on Android as users can have their information exposed by being connected through public networks, or through the hundreds of malware programs that target mobile users. That’s why mobile users need to stay smart and treat their phones with the protection they give to their desktop devices. This is especially important since more mobile devices are entrusted with personal information like the use of banking apps. It’s important to take steps to make sure that this information is secured no matter how you use it.

That’s where programs like dfndr security steps in. It’s one of the most downloaded and highest-rated antivirus apps for Android in the Google Play store. Not only does it ensure that your device is protected against malware, but it can also help clean up your device to help ensure it runs faster. If you’re looking to better protection, make sure to take advantage of all of the features dfndr security has to offer.