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How Can dfndr Help You When Traveling Abroad?

There’s an endless number of things that can go wrong when traveling abroad. DFNDR can shorten that list and bring users peace of mind.

During the summer months, more than nine million Americans will travel outside of the country. With these increased traveling numbers come a heightened number of phone thefts. Even popular vacation destinations such as Spain have reported theft incidents at rates as high as 1,074.9 per 100,000 individuals. Travelers also face dangers when relying on public Wi-Fi networks, which are common in airports, hotels, and other transportation hubs. Click here to quickly check your Wi-Fi’s security:


The danger of simply misplacing a phone or plugging a charger into an unsafe outlet is magnified in an unfamiliar city. Luckily for dfndr users, the service’s built-in anti-theft and advanced protection features can help prevent and remedy these worst-case scenarios. Find out how to take advantage of both features to protect your phone on your next trip abroad.

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Thefts in popular tourist locations, such as (but not limited to) Mexico and Costa Rica, specifically target vulnerable foreigners. Some robberies will occur while a thief poses as a plainclothes cop and asks for credentials, which are then stolen along with valuables. Other times, nice cars harboring visible electronics will be targeted and the windows will be smashed.

However, if you activate anti-theft on your phone in advance, then you will be fully protected in the event of loss or theft. This feature allows you to remotely control your Android device and block thieves from accessing apps and media files or delete these files entirely.

anti-theft also allows users to remotely erase all data on the device, track the device’s location, and sound an alarm (to find the phone nearby). Thanks to these protective functions, thieves will not be able to locate sensitive data or access accounts within the phone. Click here to activate anti-theft now:


advanced protection
Public Wi-Fi networks are notoriously unsafe options for mobile users. Unfortunately, the cost of international data plans forces travelers to become almost entirely dependent on such networks for Internet access. In particular, both Russia and China pose significant risks to mobile security thanks to the number of cybersecurity threats. Further, while travel ports and charging stations within airports are tempting for travelers running low on juice, these outlets are often targeted by hackers, as well.

That’s why it’s important to add additional protection on your phone, especially when traveling abroad. The advanced protection feature will prevent thieves and viruses from disabling dfndr’s security, and ensure that your phone stays protected no matter what. Click here to enable advanced protection on your phone:

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