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How Overheating Can Cause Hardware Problems

As summer comes to an end, it's important to protect your phone from overheating and resulting hardware problems in the summer heat.

When it’s warm outside and the apps on your phone are working overtime, it can quickly lead to your phone having hardware problems. If you want to keep your phone safe from overheating, The cpu cooler feature in dfndr security will scan your device for the apps that are causing your device to overheat, and disable those apps that are causing your phone to overheat. Cool down your phone now:

This feature will speed up your device overall and eliminate lag time with the apps that you do want to use.

The best thing to do to keep your phone from overheating is to use the cpu cooler to ensure that the apps that cause your device to overwork itself are disabled when you’re not using them. Using this feature will not only improve your experience with your phone, but improve your battery life, too.

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How Smartphones Overheat
Phones can overheat for a variety of reasons. Your phone’s processor and battery are constantly producing heat. The temperature of your phone’s surroundings also can affect your phone’s heat and can cause it to overheat. Finally, the easiest way for you phone to overheat and have hardware problems is through heavy multitasking and gaming. These apps can overheat your battery and cause your phone’s electronic components to deteriorate over time.

How To Prevent Overheating
One great way to prevent overheating is to keep your phone out of direct sunlight. Although it may be convenient to keep your phone out in the sunlight so you have easy access to it when you’re outside, it’s really terrible for your phone. Your phone absorbs sunlight and heat and remains hot, which can damage your hardware. Keep your phone tucked away in a cool bag or else indoors.

Another way to keep your phone from overheating is by turning your brightness down. Having your brightness turned all the way up will affect your battery and force it to work harder, therefore heating up your phone. Also, if you’re not using your phone, try turning it to airplane mode.

If it’s too late and you can feel your phone is hot and already overheating, there are a few things you can do to cool it off and prevent further damage. You should take your phone case off if it’s overheating because the case traps the heat. By removing the case you are allowing the phone’s heat vents to run without being blocked by the case.