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How to Analyze Junk Files on Your Smartphone

Since the dawn of email, there’s also been junk mail. But there are other types of junk files on your phone, too. Learn more here.

Before, junk mail would creep into inboxes without notice, often mixing in with your important emails from friends, family, and work. Unsurprisingly, this frustrated many Internet users who fell into Internet schemes and cybercrime. Now, most email services prevent this frustration by filtering out junk mail into a spam folder that’s outside of your inbox. But since smartphones have become more sophisticated, there’s also been an increase in junk files on phones, too. Consider using dfndr performance’s quick cleanup feature to remove junk files from your device:

The quick cleanup feature cleans trash,
cache and temporary files to free up internal memory and SD card space. With the rise of email access on different devices like your smartphone and tablet, you need to remember to activate the spam folder. Or, in other cases, it needs to be set up on your phone in general. Below are some basic guidelines for activating, accessing, and analyzing your junk email folder.

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Finding Your Junk Email Folder
As mentioned, a junk mail folder will save you many headaches. However, it’s important to make sure that the junk mail is setup correctly. You don’t want important emails going in there! The first step is to find your junk email folder. Finding your junk mail folder is easy. Simply go to your email client of the account requiring the junk mail folder. Bring up the folder list, or whatever shows various folders such as Inbox, Drafts, etc. on your phone. In the folders, you should see a Junk or Spam mail folder. Just click and you’re there!

Customizing Your Junk Email Folder
Moving right along, you’re now in the junk email folder. In that folder, you’ll likely see a lot of messages. Hopefully most of them, if not all, are actually junk mail. As mentioned, you don’t want important emails in that inbox! However, if you do see important emails in your junk email inbox, click on the message or messages in question and find the “Not Spam” button. Click that and those messages should start appearing in your inbox. Additionally, if you have spam or junk messages appearing in your inbox, simply find the “Mark Spam” button. Click and send them to your junk email folder!

What to Do After
Unfortunately, there are often more junk emails than important emails. This means that your entire inbox, not just the junk email folder, can get filled up quickly. This means less storage for important mail. If you notice you’re close to exceeding the amount of space in your inbox, consider investing in an inbox cleaner. Inbox cleaners detect unimportant emails, effectively cleaning them from your inbox. This will save you time, money, and inbox space!