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How to Clean Up Your Android and Combat Sluggishness

Older phones are apt to be a little slower, but that may be because of an accumulation of junk. Make sure to clean out any unnecessary storage hogs.

As phones age, they get slower. They can also become bogged down with files. This isn’t necessarily good or bad, as our phones and batteries aren’t built to last forever. Just because this is an eventual reality, doesn’t mean that you should hesitate to put on your favorite songs, all the goofy pictures you want to show your friends,  or your apps. Start with an easy cleanup task — before removing apps or photos — free up space and improve your phone’s by using the quick cleanup feature:


The quick cleanup feature can help remove useless saved files that build up over time. While you should leave whatever you want on your phone, performance does matter, and the more you load up your phone, the slower it will become. It’s up to you to decide what’s essential and what’s not, but the following are a few tips to help you along the way.

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Investigate Your Space
Android has a nifty storage pane that will be able to tell you exactly how much storage space different apps are using. Go to Settings, and then click on Storage. There you can find how each one of your apps is running. You can clear out downloaded documents and other files from here,

Delete Useless Apps
As stated above, it’s up to you to decide which apps are useful and which are useless, but there are a few ways to try to weigh the apps you have. Do you have multiple navigation app or have a game you downloaded a few months ago but you haven’t played since? Deleting a few apps can free up a healthy amount of space, and it’s not like it’s forever: if you find yourself missing the app, you can just download it again. Click here to use app manager to quickly remove all unwanted apps from your phone:


Store Photos on Your Computer
Photos take up a significant amount of space on our phones, but there’s no need for them to. Our computers, as well as the cloud, have a whole lot more space than our phones, so it makes sense to transfer your pictures to either of these places. Just make sure you remember to then delete the photos off your phone, or else you’ve gone through the effort for absolutely no gain.