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How to Make Losing Your Phone Less Scary

What if someone hacks your phone the next time you lose it? Here is what you can do to make the anxiety of a lost phone just a bit easier.

Most times, losing your phone is not easily preventable. What is preventable is the stress of leaving your personal information exposed to hacking. Even if you do not think you will lose your phone, you should not take the chance of losing your credit card information and social network login information to hackers. Alleviate the stress of a missing phone by taking a few seconds to enable advanced protection. With this feature activated in advance, your personal information will be completely protected in the event of loss or theft. Click here to ensure that hackers cannot uninstall dfndr or infect your phone with malware:

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Imagine you are riding a bus and get a bit tired. You fall asleep and a few minutes later you jolt awake, realizing you are about to miss your stop. You race out of your seat and manage to get off the bus in time. However, before you can celebrate, you feel your empty pockets. Your brand-new Android is missing! Before you can run back on the bus to get the phone back, the bus drives off. You run to the closest bus station and tell them about your lost phone. The people at Lost and Found say they will be able to get you back your phone when the bus returns to the station in 12 hours.

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As you try to stop panicking, you keep remembering all the important information you saved on your phone: your credit card information, your social network login information, your private documents, even your private email accounts. As the stress builds, you realize the reality of your situation — you just exposed your sensitive information to hackers.

To further protect your device in this scenario, you should also enable anti-theft. This dfndr feature will allow you to remotely block intruders from accessing your phone, sound an alarm (if your phone went missing nearby), track your phone, and erase all of your data. Click here to protect your phone — before anything happens to it.

Now, imagine a different scenario. You fall asleep on the bus, but this time your Android has advanced protection and anti-theft enabled. Your amazing reflexes kick in the same way as before, and you barely make your stop. When you get off the bus, you realize (too late) that your phone is still onboard, in the same seat you slept in. After learning you have to wait another 12 hours to get your phone back, you are still scared. However, this time you are not (quite) as worried about your phone. It is still nerve-wracking, but you can have some peace of mind knowing that you took the necessary precautions to keep your phone safe.