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Hulu vs. Netflix: Which Service Works Better on Your Phone?

While both services are available to stream on your Android, learn which app tends to work better than the other on mobile devices.

Both the Netflix and Hulu mobile apps utilize a similar design across devices, which makes the apps easy to use, whether you’re accessing them on a TV, computer, tablet, or phone. Netflix and Hulu tend to work best on your TV or computer. You have full access to all of the apps’ features and experience few glitches and loading issues. But, when you try to access either app on your mobile device, there seems to be never-ending connectivity issues, despite a seemingly reliable Wi-Fi connection. What gives?

If your Wi-Fi isn’t stable or fast, you might experience more issues using the streaming apps on your phone. While it might be tempting to use your phone’s data to watch a new episode of your favorite TV show on the go, this isn’t a good move for those who have smaller monthly data plans. If your Wi-Fi connection is reliable, sometimes connectivity issues can occur because your device is too far from your router. While other devices may not have issues using the service farther from the router, it may be harder for your phone to achieve a stable connection.

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If you’re having trouble using or loading other apps on your device, a far away router may be the issue. This can be solved by moving closer to the router, or else moving your router to a more central location in your home. Generally, you may experience less connectivity issues with the Netflix mobile app than the Hulu app, because Netflix claims it can function at a lower connectivity speed. If other apps are working well, then it could be an app-specific problem. Before you report an issue, double-check your internet connection and try restarting your device.

Which App Has Better Mobile Features?
Both mobile apps typically have great video and sound quality, though this will vary depending on your connection speed. Again, Netflix tends to stream videos at a higher quality than Hulu. It’s often easier to cast Netflix to your TV. With Hulu, this process can be difficult. As for watching videos, the Netflix app is also more likely to remember where you left off in a TV episode than Hulu. It can be hard to rewind or fast-forward on both apps, but this is often easier to do on Netflix. Unless you have the premium version of Hulu, you may have to sit through the same commercial you saw a second ago. It may also be difficult to sync your Hulu watch list across devices, or to add new videos or full seasons on your phone. Netflix is thus the clear winner when it comes to use on your mobile device.