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The Increasing Danger of HummingBad Malware

The treacherous malware HummingBad has infected around 10 million phones worldwide. Make sure to protect your Android from the virus

A new malware called HummingBad has been detected, and it is estimated to be on 10 million Android phones worldwide. Malware is a blanket term used to describe harmful software, such as viruses or adware. HummingBad was originally discovered in February of this year, but the number of infected phones rose sharply in mid-May, making the situation more concerning.

The regions most affected by this malware are China and India, where the malware has spread like wildfire. China has reported 1.6 million cases, while India has about 1.35 million cases. The U.S. has reported almost 300,000 cases.

The reason that HummingBad has achieved such traction in infecting Android users is that it is very sneaky. As an Android user, it’s difficult to detect when the malware latches onto your device — your phone can pick up the malware by simply visiting a website. From there, HummingBad tries to exploit your phone’s security weaknesses to gain access and take full control of it. In the event that this breach attempt fails, the malware has a plan B. HummingBad then sends your phone a fake system update notification, prompting you to give it full access to your phone and the ability to modify the phone. Most users are unaware that accepting this “system update” essentially opens the door for HummingBad to walk right in.

The most puzzling aspect of HummingBad is that its creators are developers at Yingmob, an advertising analytics agency that isn’t generally known for producing harmful software. Yingmob is a well-trusted company, so the discovery of this malware is interesting. The developers’ motivation seems to come from the revenue that the Malware produces.

Once HummingBad gains access to your phone, it begins to automatically download apps and click on advertisements. This generates fraudulent advertising revenue, which has been estimated to add up to $300,000 per month.

Many companies have been tracking HummingBad in attempt to learn more about it and stop it. Google, the owner of Android, is one of these companies. They claim to be working on improvements to their Android system to stop HummingBad from infecting its users and prevent future malware from infiltrating its operating system.

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