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What Information Does Google Home Know About You?

As an answer to Amazon Echo, Google Home is now available around the world. It's ready to help you organize almost every aspect of your life.

Designed using AI technology, Google Home works through a Wi-Fi speaker that’s meant to act as a smart home control hub and your personal assistant. This voice-controlled device draws its knowledge from Google’s resources. If you have a Google account where you regularly use Gmail, Google Maps, and its calendar services, Google Home will automatically know almost everything about you. In fact, it’s designed to know everything about you — that way it can learn your preferences so it can offer you a better, more enjoyable experience.

Indeed, Google Home constantly pulls information from your Google account, so it can keep you up-to-date on appointments, warn you about traffic holdups, and so forth. The speaker can even differentiate between people’s voices, which allows it to help different members of your household. It can also catch voices at a distance. As you keep using Google Home, the device continues to evolve with each interaction. Think of your Google Home as a new friend: the more you chat, the more it knows — and the better it can help you with tasks. Read on to discover the best perks of using Google Home.

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The Many, Many Features of Google Home

  • Google Assistant. Ever wanted a personal assistant? Now you have one! Google Assistant is designed to make your life easier. Use it to check the weather, book movie tickets, and even send flowers to a loved one. All that’s required is for your voice to give the directions.
  • Smart Home Control Center. Many people use Google Home to control their entire household, including smart lights, doors, timers, alarms, and Google’s Nest products. The device makes it easy to streamline everyday living. For programming, just keep talking to it. Additional downloads aren’t required.
  • Ask Google. Got a question? You can ask your trusty speaker. Google Home is able to handle even the most complex questions, plus it follows the conversation if you have additional inquiries on the same topic. The device can give you concise answers, or read longer sections of the relevant webpage back to you.
  • Music and Video Player. Using voice commands, you can stream your favorite songs, albums, and podcasts, right from the cloud. Google Home will even connect to other speakers in your home for improved sound quality. Also, this device knows how to retrieve online video content and play it directly on your TV.

Google Home’s many features show just how much information the device can learn about you. It can learn what type of food you like to eat, where you’re traveling, what shows you like to watch, and more. Thus, it’s not a device for those who are highly concerned about privacy.