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Instagram Has Released a New Shopping Feature

Fashion, travel, and lifestyle bloggers have flourished on the social media network. Now, you can shop their looks through the new Instagram feature.

If you follow a blogger, celebrity, or beloved brand on Instagram, you may have noticed the flood of comments asking what that person is wearing, and from where the item can be purchased. So far, only third-party apps such as have allowed followers to shop Instagram posts. To do so, you have to download the app, create an account, and then visit an off-app link to purchase an item.

To close the distance between the initial interest in an item, and the off-app purchase of the item, Instagram has released a new shopping feature that allows you to buy an item listed through the app. With this feature, you won’t have to juggle a separate shopping app or account to view and purchase the Instagrammed items you’re interested in. Everything is done through the app.

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Which Brands Are Involved?

Many different brands, such as Warby Parker, Kate Spade, JackThreads, and Coach, are participating in the trial run of the new shopping feature. Currently, however, the shopping feature is only available for US brands. If this feature is successful during the trial phase, it could prove especially popular for trendy startup companies and international users and businesses.

How to Shop on Instagram

Whenever you view an Instagram photo of an outfit, you can now view all of the shoppable items in a post. Brands can have up to five shoppable items per post. Simply click on an item in the post to find out the price and any additional details. If you want to purchase the item, click “shop now.” You’ll then be directed to the store’s website.

Why This Feature?

Increasingly, consumers are researching, browsing, or purchasing products on their smartphones as opposed to a laptop or PC. Instagram wants to make this process even easier, by allowing you to shop for the items that inspire you directly in the app, instead of through Chrome, for example.

Why This Could Work on Instagram

Of course, this feature is only for select retailers currently, but if it proves to be successful, more retailers may become involved in the future. While other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have had little success with e-commerce, this feature could work well with Instagram. Many fashion bloggers have turned to Instagram over the years for ease of maintenance. Their Instagrams can often be more popular than their websites. Thus, Instagram’s new shopping feature allows followers to further engage with Instagram and the brand, or blogs, they love.