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Instant Tethering for Android Devices: Is it Safe?

Tethering can help free your Android device from bloatware and allow you to have free reign of your device — but does it come with safety concerns?

There can sometimes be some safety concerns with instant tethering applications that many people choose to use. There are good apps out there that you can use, if you don’t want to jump through as many hoops to get your device tethered. But how do you tell the good apps from the bad ones? It can be hard to tell not only because of how many applications there are, but also because instant tethering apps do require more permissions than your average app, so you’re already getting into murky waters.

The digital world gets scarier every day in terms of new malware, but that doesn’t mean that your device has to be compromised. In order to remove the stress of having to worry about if your instant tethering app is safe or not, be sure to regularly run a full virus scan on your device. If the app isn’t safe, and if it tries to do anything it shouldn’t be doing to your device, the full virus scan will notify you and remove the threat from your device. Click here to run a full virus scan:

Security Scan

Benefits to Instant Tethering

There are a lot of great benefits that come with instant tethering your Android mobile device or tablet. For starters, it can help to remove bloatware that often comes pre-installed by your mobile carrier or the manufacturer. Secondly, it can help to free up your device from any restrictions imposed on it by your mobile carrier or the manufacturer. This can allow you to do many things that your phone is capable of, but that carriers or manufacturers just won’t let you do.

Instant Tethering With Google

For example: Do you have unlimited data with your mobile carrier? It’d be great if you could use that wherever on other devices too, right? Well, many mobile carriers won’t allow you to do this without a bunch of fees. That’s where instant tethering can come into play and allow you to do things that will make your device better.

In January, Google released an instant tethering feature that allows your various devices to connect more easily via your Google account. This allows you to remain online, even if your Internet connection fails. Essentially, you can more easily create a hotspot with this feature. Further, you can check the battery status of tethered devices. This feature is already available for Nexus and Pixel devices.