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Why Your Internet Slows Down as Your Smartphone Ages

Sometimes it seems like the longer you’ve had your phone, the slower everything runs: including the internet! Find out why this is.

One of the easiest things to do on a smartphone is open up several applications, use them, and forget to close them out. This causes the device to run at a much slower pace, because it is working harder to maintain premium function on so many outlets. DFNDR offers a performance feature dubbed Accelerate Internet that serves to close background services that require battery life and Internet. Activate Accelerate Internet to your Android device by clicking the button below, and start using the Internet faster now:

Human beings and technology are similar in some ways. The more experience and events that we go through, the more our hardware and internal functions start to reflect it. Just like our bodies slow down with age, so do our mobile devices. Here are a few diagnoses for lagging Internet, and how to fix it.

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With new device models come room for more streamlined features, and sometimes current Android models cannot handle that initial, internal upgrade. Running a new Android update might actually be detrimental to Internet use, because the capabilities might exceed what the phone was built to do. Make sure that your current model is up to the task by clearing space to the best of your ability before running anything new in Settings.

App History

Even if apps have been deleted from a device, their presence is still felt through other modes. An Internet browser will let users check social media, news sites, and other data-eating services in a similar fashion to how separate apps do. That amount of information will slow down phone usage, because oftentimes accounts and history will have years of accumulation that are applied in instantaneous moments.

Too Much Data Use

Looking through your phone, how many apps and photos did you find that you forgot were there? Are there songs or videos that eat up time and memory that haven’t been touched in months? Pay attention to how you use your mobile device, and which applications are utilized the most. Delete things that are taking up space, or transfer them to a larger device like a laptop or tablet. Deleting apps and re-downloading them is another option, but if they will be used at the same frequency as before, the effort might be pointless.

Buying the newest smartphone might not be necessary just yet; these actions only take a few minutes to execute, but it will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Good luck!