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Introducing dfndr Assistant: Protection With One Tap

Our talented team of engineers have created the next evolution in Android security. Find out more about it.

PSafe Technology, one of the foremost providers of security and optimization solutions for Android, is enhancing our flagship dfndr security app, with a new dfndr Assistant feature. Instead of multiple notifications clogging your home screen, tap on the dfndr icon and receive a summary of the security of your phone and its performance.

This indispensable dashboard will provide options to scan for malware or virus threats, ways to maximize phone storage, and suggestions to increase battery life — all in one handy control center.



Whether it’s apps that are slowing down your phone, files that need cleaning out, or suspicious links that could compromise your personal information, the dfndr
 Assistant feature has your back on safety and performance. Also, it’s easy to use.




Additional Benefits For You

With this new release, the ads-free version of our core DFNDR security app is also available. Ads-free dfndr is a direct response to your valuable feedback for a premium version without ads. At only $4.99, Ads-free dfndr is a comparable cost for the same standout security and performance features you’ve come to rely on, without ads popping up. To upgrade, simply navigate within the dfndr app to complete your purchase.

In Brazil, we help 3 million users reclaim an average of 6MB of storage per day with WhatsApp Cleaner. In the U.S., we recognize that Facebook Messenger is more widely used so we’ve added a Facebook Messenger Cleaner to help U.S. Android users free up more space for the photos, videos, and apps they really care about.



The Changing Landscape of Security

2016 saw a rise in malware attacks on Android phones after findings from the University of Michigan were published, along with Google releasing patches to fix 108 vulnerabilities alone in July of 2016. This disturbing trend is growing with new malware being discovered at alarming rates.

Criminal networks don’t just focus on compromising laptops or computers any longer, but also your smartphone. Your device contains immense amounts of sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, passwords, photos, and other personal details.

As technology morphs, controlling your car or the temperature of your home will be monitored from all the devices you own, including smartphones. While these developments are exciting, the slew of undetected vulnerabilities for thieves or hackers to infiltrate every aspect of your life is not fictional.



PSafe Technology’s
increased efforts in intelligent security with accessibility is a vision we re fulfilling and the dfndr Assistant feature is only the beginning of leading-edge protection.

These robust additions to our popular dfndr security app are now available worldwide. Activate features dfndr Assistant or Facebook Messenger Cleaner and enjoy total protection and optimal performance:



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