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Is dfndr security premium Good?

All you need to know about the premium offering of the dfndr security application.

There’s no denying it: the smartphone has become an indispensable companion in American life. But have you ever stopped to think about the many problems that could harm the usability of your device or even jeopardize your own safety? Be it suspicious links, hackers, viruses or scams on the Internet, the truth is that everyone has encountered a problem or concern with their smartphone.

And it’s not for nothing. Virtual attacks are getting more and more sophisticated.

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“Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit new security holes in order to elaborate and refine their attack methods. I can cite phishing as an example. Over time, we realize that these fake pages are becoming more realistic using advanced techniques of social engineering that consequently contribute to increasing the number of victims with each strike,” explains Marco DeMello, PSafe CEO and head of dfndr lab, specializing in digital security.

Given this scenario, there have been some applications on the market, such as dfndr security, which offers a set of tools to solve the main security and privacy problems reported by smartphone users.

You’ve probably heard of dfndr security. After all, the app has more than 150 million downloads worldwide and now has a premium version. Get to know all the premium features now.

What is dfndr security?
dfndr security was the first application of the dfndr family (pronounced as “defender”), developed by PSafe – a leader in mobile security in the Americas. dfndr security protects your phone against malware, phishing, and other cyber threats using state-of-the-art technology. In case of loss or theft of your phone, the app also allows you to lock and locate your device remotely.

In addition, dfndr security is the only application on the market that offers real-time protection against scams within WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. In total, the app has more than 10 functions focused on ensuring the privacy and security of its users. You can still choose between the free or premium plan – which removes advertisements within the app and gives access to unique features.

Is dfndr security premium Good?
In the first half of 2018 alone, dfndr security detected more than 3 million online scams. According to the analysis released by the application, approximately 23 malicious URLs were accessed by Americans in that period.

With the sophistication of cyber attacks, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify one without the help of a specialized tool. That is why DeMello warns that it’s essential that smartphone users have a security feature installed on their mobile phone that provides protection against virtual threats.

Who is Talking About dfndr security?
AV-TEST, a worldwide expert in analyzing digital security products, periodically reviews security software for their effectiveness and performance. According to tests carried out by the institute, dfndr security received a maximum mark on malware detection abilities more than 20 times and obtained the best index – number 6 – in all aspects of security and usability.

In Google Play, for example, dfndr security received more than 5.5 million ratings and has a total of 4.5 satisfaction ratings in total. That means that more than 90% of all the people who installed gave a positive nod to the application. Check out some of the comments:

What’s Included in dfndr security premium?
In addition to all the features of the free plan, dfndr security offers 5 more features.

Premium Feature 1: Find Out if Your password Was Leaked to the Internet
At all times, hackers are looking for ways to circumvent security systems to steal sensitive data. And not even big companies escape cybercriminals, data breaches have rocked large players such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Adobe, and Snapchat, Millions of user data was leaked on the internet, due to these breaches.

“Hackers vary greatly the way they invade security software to leak data. Whether it is infiltrating large enterprise systems, creating new phishing scams or spreading malware, the truth is that all these methods inevitably end up exposing sensitive information at some point,” DeMello explains.

However, users can verify if their data leaked over the internet easily with the dfndr security premium Identity Theft Report feature. It lets you know if information such as email, passwords, history of private conversations or home addresses have been exposed, when it happened, and how it was disclosed. Just input your email address and a complete search shows the results.

Premium Feature 2: Find Your Cell Phone in Case of Theft And Learn Who Stole It
Ever thought you could find your mobile phone in case of loss or theft and know who the culprit is? The dfndr security premium Anti-theft feature has 5 benefits that help you locate your phone and allows you to remotely control it. Check it out:

Locate your device
With the Anti-theft, it’s possible to know exactly where your phone is, in addition to triggering an alarm to locate it.

Delete data at a distance
You can delete all installed apps, private messages, and photos from your mobile phone from remotely.

Block intruder access
To prevent intruders from accessing the contents of your mobile phone, simply activate your device lock via a password.

Get a picture of the thief
If the thief attempts to access your device but fumbles the access code, you will receive an email with a photo of the criminal immediately.

Premium Feature 3: Don’t Be Bothered by Advertisements and Notifications
It’s common for apps to contain ads. After all, advertising is the only way that app developers can monetize their products and keep them completely free, up-to-date, and available to the entire population. But at times, advertisements can become annoying to encounter.

To avoid these, dfndr security premium is completely ads-free and also allows you to choose which notifications you receive, either from dfndr security or from other apps. So you’re free to use all the features of the app without being bombarded with ads and your phone will finally stop dinging with multiple notifications. A win-win scenario. 

Try AV-TEST approved dfndr security premium and get to know these beneficial features: