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Keep Your Notes Safe and Organized With Google Keep

Keep Your Notes Safe and Organized With Google Keep

Be more productive by syncing your notes everywhere you go with Google Keep. Photos, voice, and lists are where you need them.

Google Keep is native to iOS, Android, and the Web. So, no matter what your preferred method of web-browsing or general to do list, chances are that Google Keep can easily become your new favorite digital management app.

What is Google Keep
At its core, Google Keep is a to do list and note-taking app. But Google Keep is a great way to sync your notes with your Google Drive. You can record your lists, voice memos, photos, notes, and so on, all on Google Drive.

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You can access your notes from anywhere. It so easy to find what you need: search a note by more than its title, search through the body of your text. In fact, you can even search through deleted notes. Now that’s just amazing – especially if you are prone to accidentally deleting something you really needed to save.

Notes can be color-coded, too, making it easy to use different colors for different things. Let’s say you use pink for birthday parties and blue for work meetings. Maybe all of your grocery-related notes are green. No matter how you choose to use the color coding function, it will help you stay on top of everything–without the hassle. What’s more, you can even re-arrange your notes, make labels, and set reminders so that any of your similar notes, like those you’ve made for grocery lists, work, or home, are conveniently located next to each other, so you don’t have to waste any time finding what you need.

There’s another perk to using Google Keep. Snap a pic of a product, or of a poster you don’t want to forget, and Google Keep’s camera function will take care of it – and go a step further. Its optical character recognition (OCR) digitizes text in files, so you can find it again easily by using keywords.

Save It All with Google Keep
Simple to use and easy on the eyes, Google Keep is streamlined and efficient. Quick note-taking is a breeze. There’s no learning curve and it works across multiple devices. While it does offer up a convenient way to take notes while on the go, it is different from Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote. But if you are familiar with those two apps already, you may enjoy the syncing ability of Google Keep.

Now that you know the perks to using Google Keep, isn’t it time you took a second look at it? While browsing the web and saving them via Google Keep, you can make sure your Android cell phone is protected by using PSafe Total. Don’t worry about viruses or malware when you have PSafe TOTAL installed.