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How to Keep Your Phone Cool When Using VR Games

How to Keep Your Phone Cool When Using VR Games

Virtual Reality (VR) games can cause your phone to heat up substantially after extended play. Here we’ll teach you how to prevent your phone from overheating.

When you were a kid, did you ever dream of living inside of a video game? With VR, this childhood dream could become a (virtual) reality. VR games allow the user to virtually step inside of the video game by rendering a three-dimensional game play system.

As you can imagine, this realistic gaming system is exciting to many who like to play video games on their phones. However, your phone must work extremely hard to load VR games. As a result, your phone can overheat to dangerous temperatures while you play. Remember, an overheated phone is okay occasionally, but can cause real damage if overheated several times a day. To keep your phone cool in the real world while you’re hanging out in the virtual one, try a few of these tips:

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Turn your phone to airplane mode
Turning on airplane modes shuts down your phone’s wireless connection, which will give your phone the ability to focus solely on running the game. While you won’t be able to stream any content in your VR games, your battery life won’t be sucked up by constantly updating, Wi-Fi-connected apps either.

Plug in your phone to an outlet
Some VR players swear by plugging in their phone cords when playing to stop their phones from overheating. For example, if you plug in a charger to your headset, then your phone won’t have to work so hard to power these external devices.

Play next to a fan
To cool down your phone, you can play your games in front of, yep, an actual fan. While it might limit your mobility, a room fan can help the teeny tiny fan inside your phone to stay functional.

Remove your phone’s back cover
While it doesn’t look pretty, your phone’s internal workings are less likely to overheat if you take the back cover off of your phone. You might have to remove your pretty phone cover first, but it’s worth a shot if you struggle with a constantly hot phone.

Download PSafe Total
PSafe Total’s CPU cooler cools down your device whenever it’s overheating. The easy-to-use feature turns on to prevent your phone from reaching temperatures that can damage it. PSafe Total’s other features, like the Memory Booster (a function that clears out unnecessary phone files), keeps your phone from working harder than it needs to, which also stops overheating.