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What to Know About the Facebook Comments In-App Widget

Widgets make it so easy to access the things you want. Install the Facebook widget today to stay on top of your social media activity.

Android is the preferred phone choice because of many of its unique innovations — especially its use of widgets. These widgets have a variety of purposes, handling everything from the weather to Google Now shortcuts to sports updates. It’s an easy, convenient way to always know what’s going on just by glancing at your homescreen or lockscreen.

Widgets may be installed on your Android smartphone already and there are plenty more that you can add to your device from the Google Play store. But when it comes to must-have widgets, Facebook is frequently a list-topper.

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Adding the Facebook Comments Widget

Who doesn’t check their Facebook app multiple times per day? Make it easy to see who has liked or commented on your Facebook posts by installing Facebook, approving the permissions it requires, and adding the widget to your homescreen. How do you add a widget, like Facebook, to your homescreen?

For some phones, you can easily tap the display on a blank portion of the screen, and press down and hold for a second until a new prompt appears, asking what you would like to add to the screen. In this case, you don’t want a folder or a page, but an app — so choose Facebook.

For other phones, you may simply press on the screen until the main screen shrinks, revealing your list of options, like widgets. From there, you can cycle through what you need to add to your homepage or lock screen simply by touching the name of the widget, holding it, and dragging it where you want it.

If you ever decide you do not want to have the Facebook widget, simply press it, hold it down, and a new prompt will appear asking if you’d like to delete it. Other phone models may have you press, hold, and drag the widget to a delete button or trash can icon.

While it’s convenient to have your new Facebook likes and comments appear on your homescreen, you may want to carefully consider having them appear on your lockscreen. In the event that you lose your phone, or simply set it on your desk at school or work for a minute, someone else could see your social media activity.