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Life Just Got a lot Easier Thanks to the Google Goggles App

Everyone loves google, but can you get more out your favorite browser? You can. Make the most of your browsing experience with this awesome app.

You’re walking through the streets of your favorite town and a billboard, shop window, or landmark catches your eye. You wish to instantly learn more about it, but you don’t have enough specific details to narrow down your google search to get the information you want fast. This is a problem of the past. The Google Goggles app on the Google Play Store will identify what you’re looking at putting information in your hand instantly.

How it Works

The app searches the google database by the picture you upload. Basically, all that you need to do on your end is snap a picture of any famous landmark, a product or popular image. If the app finds your picture in the database it will display the picture’s bio on the screen. Notice a cool barcode or QR Code? This app is the app for you. The app also works as a scanner, and can search its’ database by these codes. Traveling? Goggles can read many different languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish and many more.

Extra Features

Other than finding information on any picture you upload, Goggles in general will make your professional and personal life easier. It can act as a translator, add contacts by scanning business cards and can solve Sudoku puzzles. In addition, if you’re scanning a purchasable product, Goggles will find a similar items. After receiving the information about your picture, screenshot your screen, press and hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time, and the information will be saved in your photo collection. This way, your newfound information will be easy accessible.

What would be worse than not having Goggles? Having your battery die so you can’t use goggles. Or even worse, having a slow internet connection that stands between you and your information. Download PowerPro, to make sure your battery is always ready to make the most of your sightseeing experience, as well as maintaining your internet connection at its’ optimal speed.

Take off your shades and put on your goggles to get the most out of your googling experience. Enjoy!