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Is Long-Range Wireless Charging on the Horizon for Android?

Sick of non-stop charging with cords? There’s a new technology coming soon that eliminates cords and charges your phone wirelessly.

Long-range wireless charging is not a pipe dream. With long-range wireless technology, however, there is still a risk of overcharging your phone. Constant wireless charging is no different from plugging in your phone overnight for long periods of time. It is important to monitor your battery life — whether your phone is connected to a charger or charging wirelessly — to make sure your lithium-ion batteries do not wear out. Click here to enable total charge to prevent overcharging and battery damage:

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An alternative to wired charging methods, several independent developers are developing prototypes for a hub that would charge devices, like your Android, without any cords. The process is simple: an electronic hub would pair with your wireless devices like Bluetooth and emit all the power you need to charge multiple devices at once. Devices that need to be plugged in, like VR headsets, will also be able to be untethered.

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Most of these prototypes are in the crowd-funding stage, but some have even graduated to tech conventions. With all of this progress in long-range wireless charging technology, what could be keeping it from appearing on the store shelves? Unfortunately, there are a few roadblocks.

The Issues with Long-Range Wireless Charging
One thing stopping the future of long-range wireless charging is the cost. New technology like wireless charging is an untapped market, so when it does reach the shelves, it will be a luxury item with a large price tag. A way to combat this is an increase in demand, but even then it will be a few years until the price goes down to an affordable rate.

Another thing stopping long-range wireless charging is FCC regulations. Everything wireless, from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals to radio and TV transmissions, needs approval from the FCC for proper safety control. Long-range wireless charging is in a grey area since it does not fit into the protocol with precedence. The FCC will have to write new protocol for the budding industry, which will take some time and is dependent on demand.

Long-range wireless technology is still a few years away, but the key to the creation of the new industry is demand. You should donate to crowd-funding websites if you want to make long-range wireless technology a reality. Who knows, maybe in a few years long-range wireless charging will be the new norm. Today, however, we can only hope that this tech will soon become a reality.