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How to Maintain Security on Your Android Phone

With almost all of our personal information stored in our smartphones, it’s important now more than ever to think about security.

Today, our phones are everything. They’re where we access our addresses (using the map features), our emails, our bank accounts, and much more. Our first line of defense and our most basic form of protection is our lock screen password. Here are some tips on how to make the password on your android device more secure.

Passwords are now easier to crack than ever because of programs that search for word patterns. Most of us capitalize the first letter of our password and then add a number to the end of it, but these patterns in particular have become very easy to detect. On an Android phone, you can make both numeric and alphabetic passwords. Use this feature to create a password that doesn’t use simple dictionary words or names.

Android allows you to create a password that is up to 16 characters in length, so try to make a password that is as long as possible. Also, if you do choose to create an alphabetic password, make sure your pattern is different than your other passwords for your other accounts. To change your password on an Android, Tap Settings, then Security, then Screen lock, and then tap either Pin or Password and follow the steps you are prompted with.

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If word or numerical passwords aren’t your choice, then you can also use a lock pattern. Just be aware that if someone steals your phone or finds it somewhere, they may try to detect your pattern by looking at which areas of your screen have the most fingerprints. To avoid this potential issue, make sure your password is complex and that when you look at your phone, you couldn’t deduce your password just from looking at the screen.

A good password will often deter a hacker, thief, or cybercriminal, but it’s not enough to ensure your phone’s complete safety. To add an extra layer of protection, be sure to download PSafe Total for Android. While a thief tries to deduce your password, you could be blocking or erasing all of your data with PSafe Total’s anti-theft feature.

Additionally, keep in mind that DFNDR´s Applock feature offers a second level of password security, even if your main lock screen does end up being hacked. Vault allows you to individually lock important apps like Facebook and Gmail with a second password, creating a secure environment that is practically impossible for hackers or phone thieves to get through. If you’re looking for peace of mind, download PSafe Total.