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What Makes Periscope Different From Other Apps?

What Makes Periscope Different From Other Apps?

Streaming has become the next big thing in 2016. Periscope ensures that you & your friends never miss a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

You may have noticed that live-streaming video media has become far more popular in mainstream culture as of late. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast checking out a Twitch streamer playing the latest big title or just checking in on what your friend is doing in his Facebook Live feed, it’s clear that the technology currently available to us has made live entertainment and streaming possible — and it has caught on.

One service that stands out among the others, however, is Periscope. The Twitter-owned video streaming app first launched last year in 2015, and has become known to the public through Twitter’s streaming of NFL football games on Thursday nights and for a June 2016 incident in the United States House of Representatives in which Periscope was used to document a sit-in protest over firearm legislation.

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Notable instances aside, what really sets Periscope apart from competing streaming services is how the platform serves almost as a medium between YouTube and traditional television. Like YouTube, users can watch and record video and interact through comments and likes on the video page. Like your standard television program, all of these streams happen in real time, and there are thousands of streaming channels to choose from based on location, length, and subject matter. Additionally, Periscope videos can be accessed even if you missed the live recording of the video — the stream’s highlights are stored after broadcasts and can be accessed by Periscope users at any point.

Best of all, users have full control on whether they want to broadcast to all of Periscope, or just to a few close friends. Much like the photos posted to your Instagram account, video streams on Periscope can be linked to other social media pages like Twitter and Facebook in real time or as archived video.

So why wait to show off your surfing day at the beach, your weekend at Coachella, or your family barbecue with those you care about? Download the Periscope app today and show the world what you’ve got. And if your battery needs a little extra help to get through hours of streaming, download PowerPRO by PSafe for your Android phone.