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The Mazar Malware Can Wipe Your Phone Clean

Sent through text messages, the Mazar virus has been terrorizing Android users since 2016. Keep reading to learn more about this malicious threat.

The Mazar virus is one excellent example of why you should never click on unknown links, from any source. It arrives as an SMS message. If the phishing link is opened, Mazar can launch a destructive attack on Android’s operating systems. The virus’ main objective is to wipe your phone completely clean. So, once your phone is infected, all of your important, stored data is gone in a flash. If you’re worried your phone might be infected with Mazar, or if you just want to play it safe, use Full Virus Scan to check your device now:

The Full Virus Scan is a useful tool that will thoroughly scan by checking every app for hidden malware and detecting other security breaches. This feature is frequently updated to keep you protected against the latest security threats. It will scan both your phone and your SD card, and swiftly remove any discovered threats.

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Want to learn more about Mazar? The following will tell you everything you need to know about the Mazar malware and its insidious behaviour.

Mazar 101: The Malware’s Shady Origins

Heimdal Security, a Danish technology company, discovered Mazar in early 2016. It is sent as a link in an SMS or MMS. If that infected URL is opened, Mazar is installed as a program on the phone. The malware then grants hackers remote access to the phone, allowing them to perform a string of security breaches. With the Dark Web continuing to sell the malware to criminal buyers, Mazar remains a worldwide threat. Although, interestingly enough, Androids with Russian as their default language are the only phones that seem safe from the attack.

What Happens During a Mazar Attack?

Once riddled with Mazar, the Android owner’s administrative privileges have been taken over by the hacker. Mazar’s most concerning behavior is that it wipes devices clean, causing the user to lose his or her precious data forever. However, the malware does far more than that. Mazar is known to monitor users’ activity, send texts to their contacts, read through their inbox, lock their phone, and even make calls. Needless to say, you don’t want Mazar going anywhere near your cell phone.

How to Stay Safe Against Mazar

Firstly, to protect your Android from Mazar, you should never open links from unknown sources. Also, double-check your security in “Settings,” just to make sure that your phone is only allowing app downloads from trusted sources. Finally, regularly scan your device for malware, especially after downloading a new app. If you follow these simple steps, your Android should be well-protected against Mazar and other viruses.