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Are Millennials’ Devices More Susceptible to Viruses?

The answer may be different than you might think. Find out which generations are more vulnerable to viruses and other types of malware.

You might think that the tech-savvy generations would be less susceptible to viruses and other malware — but this is simply untrue. Older generations have a bad reputation as being the target of viruses, online scams, and other types of malware. However, younger generations tend to report more experiences with viruses and online scams than older generations.

A Closer Look

Think of the stereotype of malware victims: an older person, someone like your grandfather or grandmother, who is not used to newer technology and malicious online threats. Someone who may be uneducated or unaware of safe online practices. But as mentioned, this stereotype is untrue. Malware victims are more likely to be younger and more educated. One possible explanation for this is that younger generations, such as millennials, may think they are less vulnerable to viruses and other forms of malware, and may then be less cautious while using the internet or downloading apps. Older generations are aware that they are targeted, and are thus more careful while using technology.

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Another possible explanation for this is that younger generations are more likely to engage with technology than older generations. They are more likely to embrace a large volume of technology, and the newest technology. Younger generations are also more likely to own, or use, multiple devices, smart appliances, drones, and experimental technology. All of this may increase their chances of acquiring a virus or downloading malware. It has already been proven that drones and smart appliances are more vulnerable to hacking and malicious threats because they are less protected than other devices.

Further, millennials are more likely to purchase goods online — particularly goods from lesser known locations such as startup companies or online artists. Because of this, they are more likely to be scammed, because they trust online shopping more than their elders. Millennials may also download more smartphone apps than older generations, which may increase their chances of installing a malicious app onto their device.

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