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Mint Manages Your Budget, Investments, and Credit Score

Budgeting, saving, keeping track of expenses, and making wise investment decisions is now easier than ever thanks to Mint, a free budget tracking app.

Mint is a comprehensive financial program that is easy to use and delivers great results. It is also compatible with various Android devices. Following is an overview of what Mint does and how you can use it to easily manage your income, expenses, and investments.

Getting Started
Once you sign up, it is time to add your financial information. Create a budget and add your bank and credit accounts and bills. Your information is updated in real time, so you can always count on Mint providing accurate numbers.

If you have invested in a 401K account, stocks, bonds and/or mutual funds, be sure to add this information to Mint. The app will then keep tabs on how your investments are doing and point out hidden fees that may be nibbling away at your profits.

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Digging In
Mint offers tips on how to invest money, reduce expenses, and improve your credit score. What’s more, this advice is personalized, as the app has all your financial information and thus can offer customized help to suit your needs and financial goals. Be sure to regularly check the advice sections as your financial situation changes over the years to ensure that your money is being spent and saved wisely.

You may also want to monitor trends in your expenses over time. Doing so will help you see if you need to invest more in a certain part of your budget or cut back expenses in a particular category.

Regularly Check Your Credit Score
Checking your score too often using conventional methods can actually temporarily lower your score. Mint solves this problem by enabling you to see your up-to-date credit score on its app. Furthermore, the app provides a free credit report summary so you can easily see what factors are raising or lowering your credit.

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