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This Mobile App Allows Cybercriminals to Create Ransomware

Every day, hackers get more and more crafty in the ways that they hack your phone for personal data. Cybercriminals can now launch a hack from an app.

With hacks and malware becoming more and more common, it’s difficult to know how to truly prevent cybercriminals from stealing your private information. The best ways to keep your phone and private data protected include: being cautious of which apps you download, avoiding suspicious-looking links or ads, and regularly running virus scans on your device. Use the full virus scan feature to scan your phone and SD card for hidden malware, and ensure that your phone is secure:

The best part of this feature is that the database is continuously updated, so your phone will always be protected against the latest threats, in real-time.

An App to Create Ransomware
This malware app is essentially a smartphone application that can be used to make custom ransomware attacks that target Android devices. The app was originally meant to be run from a computer or laptop, but now the app has been reformatted to function on a phone. Many developers call apps like this a “Trojan” or “TDK.”

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It’s interesting to note that these apps only can run on Android and can only target other Android phones. The app isn’t on the Google Play store though; the only way you can access this app is by going to China’s Great Firewall hacking forums.

How Do You Use the App?
This app is a subscription-based service, so at least hackers are paying to steal data from you. When you download the app, new users can make a one-time payment for the app. New users also get the experience of communicating with the criminal service provider. This can be a big deal for newer hackers who may want advice on how to use the app. According to malware experts, there isn’t a limit on how many different virus strains a new subscriber can make once they’ve paid the subscription fee.

How to Keep Your Private Data Safe
If you have an Android, it’s really crucial that you keep your information safe from these virus strains. One way to keep safe is to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks. These public networks are extremely easy for hackers to use. They can view your private data because they get between you and the network and watch everything you do.