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Move Over Pokemon GO! Other AR Apps Worth a Look

Pokemon GO has claimed the spotlight with its charm and nostalgia. All crazes fizzle eventually, though. Here are some other interesting AR apps.

Everyone, everywhere, has at least heard of Pokemon Go — even if they haven’t played it. For all the hubbub, it may surprise you to learn that it isn’t the only augmented reality app on the market. For other forms of AR gaming fun, check out some of these other Android apps below.


Although you may not be familiar with the Ingress app, you have likely heard of the company behind it — Niantic — which also developed Pokemon GO. Ingress draws you into a galactic global struggle, between the “Resistance” and the “Enlightened”. You choose sides, surveil your neighborhood, use your phone’s GPS to track down energy sources, and work with your team to either embrace the force or struggle against it. The choice is yours.

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Space 4D+

See space like you have never seen it before. With Space 4D+, users can scan and print space cards, allowing planets to appear in your very own home. Layering on facts and figures about the solar system, space missions, and satellites, this app offers a unique educational angle that makes it stand apart from the current crop of AR gaming offerings — both kids and adults will likely enjoy going into orbit with this one.

TableZombies Augmented Reality

Looking for a more grown up game? Then join the fight against the Zombie Apocalypse.  TableZombies AR places you in a chopper, hovering above a building where survivors are trapped. Using your phone camera as a marker, you kill zombies in the crosshair, collect special items — and maybe even save the day in the process.   

SpecTreck Light

Virtual ghosts are out there. Find and catch them floating around your neighborhood using your camera’s GPS. The interface for this game couldn’t be easier. Simply hold your phone as though it were a map in radar mode, then flip it up to hunt for ghosts via your camera viewfinder. Set the radius you want to explore, and then go roam.

Gaming has come a long way since Pong. Take advantage of the latest technology and enjoy some of these cool new Android apps. Winning, though, requires energy. So make sure your battery is fully charged by installing PowerPRO, and keep your competitive edge.