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How Much Space are Those Unread Emails Consuming?

Are you one of those people who lets thousands and thousands of emails pile up in your inbox? If so, you might be losing more space than you realize.

You already know that opening suspicious emails can cause a lot of problems. But did you know that letting emails sit around can also be an issue? Emails can take up tons of space on your Android operating system. If you keep thousands — or even hundreds — of emails around, then it’s time that you clear a significant amount of space by deleting these emails in Gmail.

Clean Up Your Device

If you want to clear up even more room on your phone, and make it operate more efficiently, use Quick Cleanup. Quick Cleanup helps you to remove junk files, caches, temporary files, and other trash files that are taking up unnecessary space on your device. After a sweep with Quick Cleanup, you’ll have more internal memory and storage space for new files, apps, photos, and videos. Remove your junk files by clicking above.

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Get Rid of Emails With Attachments

Emails with big attachments can take up the most space in your inbox. So, if you’re only going to delete certain emails, these are the ones with which you should start. To find emails with attachments, search for “has:attachment” in the Gmail search filter. If you’re hesitant about how to begin getting rid of your emails, clearing out these big attachments is a good way to start.

Clear Out Your Largest Emails

Getting rid of the emails that are taking up the most space is the best thing to do, but it isn’t always simple. If you use an IMAP client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, you can start sorting emails by size and attachments. By using the IMAP client and sorting your email sizes, you can then delete the emails that are taking up most of your phone’s memory.

Find Your Biggest Emails Instead

If you don’t want to download an IMAP client, you can also use a third-party service called Find Big Mail to scan your messages. This web-based service takes temporary access to your email, scans through your emails, and creates labels in your account so you can browse for large messages without engaging the Find Big Mail site.

Stop Receiving Bulk Mail

The easiest way to keep your inbox close to empty is to stop getting as many emails. You’re probably subscribed to plenty of newsletters and mailing lists that you don’t read, so why not unsubscribe? Use an app like Unroll.Me or do it manually. It only takes a few minutes, and it will keep your inbox free of clutter. Or, you choose to receive fewer emails per week from many of these business if you still enjoy receiving notifications and updates.