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The Need-to-Know Voice Commands for Google Now

Busy with too many things to keep track of? Let your phone do the work for you! Here are some of the tasks that Google Now will be able to help you with.

Google Now, also known as “OK, Google” is available within the Google Search app on Android and iOS devices, as well as in the Google Chrome web browser available for PCs. Google Now allows users to delegate voice requests to Google, to which questions are answered, actions are performed, or recommendations are made in a natural language.

Google Now recognizes repeated actions that are performed on a device to display more relevant information to the user in the form of “cards.” It also uses Google’s Knowledge Graph system to assemble detailed search results. Google Now is a useful tool for all Google users. Here are a few of the key functions and commands to familiarize yourself with.

OK, Google.

By first saying “OK, Google” to your Android device, you can then follow that up with a question or task that your Google app will then perform (i.e. “OK, Google, what’s today’s weather?” to which Google will provide the day’s forecast).

You can also just tap the microphone button on the Google search bar. If this isn’t working for you, make sure that your “Google Now” function is enabled, which can be done by going to the Google Now app, then “Menu > Settings > Voice > OK Google.”

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Here are a few commands that can now be done, and questions that can be asked:

  • Open [app name]. For example, if you say “Open Gmail,” it will automatically open the Gmail app for you.
  • Text or Send Text to [Contact Name]. Easily send a birthday text to your mom just by saying it into your phone!
  • Take a Picture. Self-explanatory. Saying “Take Photo” also works.
  • “How old is [Michael Jordan]?” Google Now will search Google to provide you with the answer based on web searches.
  • “What’s the tip for [65 dollars]?” Google Now will use the calculator function on Google to give you the correct answer.
  • Create a Calendar Event: [Lunch with Patricia, Tuesday at 2:00 PM]. Your Google Calendar will be utilized to save this event.
  • “Where’s my package?” If you have any tracking information saved in your Gmail account, Google Now will pull up this information for you.
  • Post to Twitter. Send out important Tweets to all of your followers with just the sound of your voice!

These are just a few samples of the many commands that Google Now recognizes. If you have an Android device, try out this function; it’s handy, fun, and can even help you stay organized. While you’re busy giving Google a workout, make sure that your phone isn’t getting too much heat — download PSafe Total for free today.

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