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Why You Need To Lock Your Phones and Apps to Stay Safe

You may feel a reassured that your data will be safe when you lock your phone, but it's important to lock your apps because it's the only way to keep them safe.

These days you can’t be too careful when keeping your apps and data protected. Hackers are getting better and better at accessing your data and stealing it for themselves. Locking your phone may keep strangers from getting into your phone but it doesn’t protect the many apps you have with sensitive data. The only way to keep your phone and data safe is by downloading app lock now to prevent thieves and hackers from accessing your private apps:


Why We Think Our Data Safe And Protected
People feel safe that their data is safe because they make smart decisions to keep their phones protected. In fact, 50% of people when surveyed said that they believe that there’s no for extra measures to keep their phone info safe because it’s already protected.

Most people keep their phone’s PIN numbers to themselves or have their phone locked with their fingerprint to ensure thieves can’t access their apps if they steal the phone. We even create elaborate passwords for all of our different accounts to be sure that hackers can’t access our private information but that doesn’t really help as much as it seems. There’s no way to ensure that your private information is safe if your only way of protecting it is just through locking your phone.

Why Our Data Isn’t As Safe As We Think It Is
There are two different ways that hackers and steal your private data. First, hackers can get into your voicemail and through that, they will hack the data that is stored on your phone. This is the more rare option and is usually done by a close family member or a friend trying to seek revenge.

The second way that your phone can be hacked is through phone hacking software. These hackers can ruin your life and steal your data by installing malicious software on your phone that gathers your personal logins and scans your emails. You can’t prevent this type of hacking by simply locking your phone. The only way to keep hackers out of your personal data is by locking the apps themselves.