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The New “Anti-Harassment” Twitter Features

An annoying Twitter user can ruin your entire social media experience. Luckily, with these awesome tips, you can say goodbye to pesky messages.

Before, it seemed like you had to be a celebrity to get Twitter’s full protection from bothersome users. Finally, twitter is dispersing their anti-harassment technology to the masses. We’ve got the details to make sure you have all the tools to make your feed what you want it to be.

In the past, Twitter has let high-profile users filter their feed, but now Twitter wants to improve the quality of tweets you see. Twitter started letting blue-checked accounts filter this a year ago, but they’ve transformed their platform to make these features more accessible and easy to use.

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Notifications Settings
First, Twitter has created a new notifications tab that will allow you to easily control your notifications settings. By clicking on the new notifications tab you will see an a settings option. The symbol for this option looks like a gear. By clicking on that option you will see a button that says “Only people you follow.” By selecting this button you will only see tweets from people you follow on the mobile twitter app and on This way you will only receive notifications from accounts you like and want to hear from.

Quality Filter
Twitter just unraveled their newest filtering option, the Quality Filter control, which they’ve been testing out since last year. This option scans tweets by their origin and the behavior of the account. The filter takes out lower-quality content which includes automated tweets or duplicated tweets. This will not filter out any tweets from accounts you follow or interact with on a daily basis. You can try it out, and if you feel like it’s negatively affecting your twitter experience, just turn it off and your twitter will go back to the way it was before. The San Francisco based company explains that the purpose of this feature is to learn and improve the entire twitter experience, so stay tuned to new changes and upgrades if you believe that the filter could be improved.

These two features will definitely take a step closer in protecting you from users who look to negatively impact your twitterverse. What they can’t do? Protect your android from viruses. Download PSafe Total to make sure you have the a virus protection that rated the highest in AV-Testing. Now your twitter and your phone will be free from hackers, tweet on!