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New Changes Are Coming to the Snapseed App

One of the most popular photo-editing apps for Android is getting a makeover.

Snapseed already has a lot of features that make your photos look great. Developed by Google, the app offers photographers 26 tools and filters to improve their photos, including image-tuning and different themes. The app launched in 2011, and is a favorite for many who like to take photos on their smartphones. However, the app became even better in 2017 with a range of highly-requested updates.

In 2012, Google bought the original designer of the Snapseed app, Nik software. While users still liked and used Snapseed, Google didn’t issue many updates for the app during its first years of ownership, which left many to wonder if the company would even continue running Snapseed. In 2015, however, Google updated Snapseed to version 2.0, and since then, the app has received regular updates.

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Snapseed is free and available to download in the Google Play store. The following list of updates may make you want to download — or redownload — Snapseed.


A standard photo-editing feature, Curves lets users adjust color, brightness, and tone by changing these features along a precise grid. Snapseed v2.15 added a Curves editing feature that lets users edit this way. In addition, the new version includes several Curve presets for quick edits.

If you’ve never used Curves, it isn’t a tricky program to master. To edit your photos using this software, open the picture you want to edit, and then tap the pencil icon to bring up Snapseed’s editing tools. To adjust your photo using Curves, tap on “Curves” for the grid and curve line to appear on your photo.

Text Boxes

While Snapseed users could already insert text boxes, the new update lets users insert text boxes with multiple text rows. This option was more desired that you may have realized — many people did want to include more text in their photos.

Face Detection

Face Detection was already included in Snapseed, but users cited problems with the functionality of the feature. Now, the face detection feature has become more precise. The update lets users ask for another Face Detection run-through if the app doesn’t notice a face right away. Remember, though, that this is a more thorough face detection option, which means that it will take longer to detect a face.

Black and White Images

Users found black and white images excessively grainy. The new Snapseed update has improved the grain quality on these images. Now you can take black and white photos like a pro.