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New Empowering Female Emojis Coming to Your Android

Representation of women in different occupations matters — even in emoji form. Luckily, Unicode emojis will depict women in many occupations soon.

Emojis are everywhere — from text messages to Snapchat. They might seem frivolous, but they are used by millions (maybe billions!) of people every day. And, let’s face it, emojis depicting women have been limited. There’s the woman painting her nails. The lady dancing. In emoji land, women aren’t well-represented. Now, that’s all changing. A group of four Google designers created 11 new emojis that show women in new — and realistic — professions. Let’s learn a bit more about these gender equality emojis.

What Professions are Represented?
The new professions are diverse. Some of the professions included are a female doctor, coder, mechanic, chef, farmer, musician, teacher, and scientist, among others. Male versions of these emoji professions will also be available.

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How Were the Professions Chosen?
The professions were presented at the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit in Silicon Valley that considers the adoption of new emojis. The professions were chosen because women dominated these professions — or they were joining these workforces in increasing numbers.

Who Cares?
It might seem like it doesn’t matter whether or not women are represented equally in tiny cartoon figure form as men. But millions of people do use emojis to communicate on a variety of devices every day. 78% of women use emojis often, in contrast to only 60% of men. Young girls in particular send a billion emojis every day.

That frequency of emoji use was one of the reasons the designers saw the need for the new emojis. Currently, male emojis dominate the Unicode — emoji men have professions like construction work and police work, and take part in sports like surfing, bike riding, and boat rowing. Women emojis, in contrast, don’t have as many options. They primarily perform stereotypically feminine activities like painting their nails or having their hair cut.

When Will I Get my New Emojis on my Phone?
Not yet. Although these emojis have been created and approved, they won’t appear automatically on your phone. Instead, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have to deploy them into their applications for use.

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