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New LG V20 Smartphone: What We Know and What to Expect

The visual aesthetics combined with the functionality of the LG V20 makes the phone a force to be reckoned with. Read on to learn more.

Cell phone technology is improving by the day. It seems like just yesterday the Motorola Razor was at the top of the market. Well, over 8 years have passed since then, and the innovation has yet to cease.

The LG V20 is a paradigm of the ever improving cell phone technology. With a high tech dual camera lens, military grade drop protection and Android Nouget 7.0, the LG V20 is creating quite the buzz in the world of cellular devices.

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Last year, the LG V10 impressed users with its high functioning capabilities, but its bulky design was enough to turn away a high volume of potential customers.

With a new, shiny black rubbery texture and a vibrant looking exterior made of aluminum alloy, this phone is going to be so beautiful you’re going to want to frame it and hang it in your kitchen.

LG has also taken advantage of new materials to make the phone lighter and more efficient. The top and the bottom of the phone appear to be metal, but they are actually made of a material called Silicone Polycarbonate, which is a very durable type of plastic. According to LG, this new form of plastic can absorb shocks 20 percent better than the LG V10.

LG promises a 20 percent more efficient battery life in the V20 compared to the V10. It includes fast charging, so juicing up your phone should be a breeze.

The camera on the V20 will basically antiquate the usage of a selfie stick. The selfie camera in the phone has a wide angle mode that is optimal for selfie lovers. Plus, the sets of dual lenses in the front and back combine to make the picture quality nearly HD.

LG also flaunts the Android Nouget 7.0 system that will come with the V20. This is apparently Google’s most efficient operating system yet that will allow users to surf their phones at laser fast speeds.

In sum, you should expect nothing but great things from the LG V20. The phone has a demanding reputation to live up to, but with its top of the line operating system and sleek design, any customer should be confident in their purchase of the LG V20.

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