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New Updates Arrive for the Swype Keyboard

If you’re a dedicated Swype keyboard user, you’ll be excited about all of the recently-added updates to the popular keyboard.

Phone keyboards are lots of fun, but oftentimes they don’t have much staying power. That isn’t the case with the Swype keyboard. It is such a mainstay that it started the swipe trend that comes as a standard option now on many phones and tablets. The swipe feature, or the ability to spell words and sentences using your finger and predictive technology, has helped to popularize texting and writing on gadgets in general.

While the Swype keyboard is still popular and has lots of functionality, until recently it was missing some sought-after components. The following will discuss the Swype keyboard and its recently-introduced features — these new updates certainly make the keyboard more relevant and up-to-date.

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What is the Swype keyboard?

At its most basic, the Swype keyboard lets you type more quickly by using a fluid motion to write words. Then, it reads the way your finger moves to predict the word, and, in turn, offers you suggestions. The app has many other features, too, such as letting you add a theme to your keyboard, lay out your keyboard in different ways, and, of course, including emojis in your communications.

Have there been issues with the Swype keyboard in the past?

One problem noted with the Swype keyboard is that it didn’t update as often as similar swipe-enabled keyboards like SwiftKey and Gboard.

What are the newest updates?

Swype version 3.0.1 includes new features that could be appealing to many users. Many of these features are exciting, and may make you want to switch (or switch back) to Swype. Here are just a few of these updates:

  • Predictive emojis. The new keyboard reads your text, and then predicts the emojis you might want to include based on your content.
  • A dedicated number row
  • Chinese handwriting character recognition
  • New language keyboards, including Kashmiri and improvements to the Thai and Lao keyboards

In addition to the most recent updates, Swype added a number of popular features not that long ago. One update included better prediction and correction capabilities. Thanks to this update, the keyboard won’t correct spacing problems incorrectly anymore. Additionally, other updates included a mini keyboard and a bunch of new theme options, including bright and graphic designs from Material Design.

How can I try the Swype keyboard?

You can get the Swype keyboard for your Android devices for $0.99. If you want to try out the Swype keyboard before paying for it, you can also test it out with a free trial.