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Niche Dating Apps That You Had No Idea Existed

Looking for a new dating app to replace Tinder or Bumble? Luckily, you now have a wide selection of other dating apps to choose from.

You’ve probably heard of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, but for the picky daters out there, it can be hard to strike up a connection on these commonly-used platforms. No matter where you’re surfing the web for your next love connection, though, be sure to protect your personal information with the social guardian feature. Click here to protect your social apps from unauthorized access:


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Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a new dating app to test out, the following are 5 niche dating apps that you’ve likely never heard of, but will definitely want to try. One of these apps might just be the key you needed for a great match.

  1. Hater

Yes, you read that correctly. Hater takes a spin on traditional dating apps by pairing users who hate the same things. If you’ve been harboring a long-time hatred for slow walkers, long lines, or black coffee, swipe to discover your next love connection (or, just someone to complain with).

  1. Bristlr

Who doesn’t love a great beard? Bristlr will help you find your next bearded lover, as the platform is only open to users who either have beards or just really love them. If you fall under either category, you’ll want to check this one out.

  1. Sizzl

If you’re a lover of all things bacon, you’ll want to try Sizzl. This is a niche dating app for — you guessed it — bacon lovers. Answer questions such as: “Do you prefer your bacon crispy or chewy?” or “Pork or turkey bacon?” Discover your next love over the sizzle and pop of a frying pan.

  1. SaladMatch

Continuing with the food theme, New York-based salad lovers may be interested in SaladMatch. This app was made by the salad chain, Just Salad, and it pairs you with other salad lovers in your area. Heading out of the office for a quick lunch break? Swipe to find others heading to Just Salad!

  1. Tall Friends

As you may have guessed by the name, Tall Friends is a dating app for those of us too long-legged to bother with the important, but awkward, “So, how tall are you?” question on Tinder.