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What If You Could Be Notified of Useless Apps on Your Phone?

So, your Android is running really slowly. It's time to delete some useless apps so that you have more room on your phone for the apps you really want.

Many cell phone users let their phone’s storage fill up with useless apps that they don’t really need. So, just like your home, Androids can benefit from a thorough cleaning. That being said, it’s often difficult to know which apps to delete. You need to be strategic in this, because you don’t want to be uninstalling and re-downloading the same apps repeatedly. If you’re looking for a fast, efficient way to declutter your phone’s apps, use the App Manager feature. Click here to quickly remove unwanted, useless apps from your phone:

The App Manager feature displays your applications in one user-friendly screen, allowing for effortless selecting and uninstalling of apps. That way, you won’t have to manually delete each app from your device, and search through pages of apps trying to find the ones you don’t want anymore. Still confused about which apps you should delete? To know which apps you should remove, follow the guide below.

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Useless Android Apps That You Should Delete

  • All of the apps you never use. Saying goodbye is often hard, especially to beloved former apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crush, but sometimes you just need to let go. If you haven’t touched an app in 2-3 months, you need to hit that uninstall button. If you feel any nostalgia down the road, you can easily download it again.
  • Apps that take up a lot of storage. If you have a few monster-sized apps, it might be time to lighten your phone’s load. Let’s say your messaging application is eating up a lot of megabytes. Why not search the Google Play store for a smaller, more compact app? Decluttering your phone is all about making smart choices. But before you downsize your apps, make sure that your apps haven’t bloated in size due to junk files and cache. Use Quick Cleanup to instantly remove junk files that are taking up too much space:


  • Apps that drain your battery’s juice. There are a number of energy-sucking applications in the Google Play store. Either the app uses a lot of power when you’re using it, or during start-up and when it’s supposed to be laying dormant. Indeed, any application that’s sending you a plethora of notifications is (almost) definitely eating up your battery life.
  • Preinstalled apps on your cell phone. Chances are, your Android came with a bunch of preinstalled apps that you never use. You should ruthlessly get rid of them! If you can’t uninstall them, disabling is another option if you go into your Android’s “Settings” panel. These apps slow down your phone without adding anything to its performance level.